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The industrial communication.

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Applicom package

The "applicom® open industrial communication" concept

Is intended for end-users, integrators and OEMs. It is the only communication concept that opens the doors of industrial communication. Thanks to applicom® connect your computerized production management to your workshop.

applicom® is designed for applications such as HMI, MMI, SCADA, MES, SGBDR, spreadsheets and specific applications which communicate with peripherics connected to fieldbuses and industrial networks.

The applicom® concept uses from 1 board/1 protocol to 8 boards/32 protocols on a PC. Industrial data are transfered in real time via one single software and one single configuration tool.

applicom® is compatible with the most widespread environments such as Serial links, Ethernet ISO & TCP/IP, Profibus, Modbus Plus, InterBus-S, WorldFIP, CAN... With applicom®, your applications communicate easily and transparently with a large range of industrial peripherics (PLC's, in/out modules, speed variators, ...).
Thanks to applicom®, you can combine different communication protocols for industrial networks and fieldbuses in one single computer. The architecture guarantees a performant and optimized data transfer between your industrial equipment and your applications (HMI, MMI, SCADA, supervisor, specific applications).

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The Canadian company SST, is a brand of Woodhead Connectivity, a new brand of Woodhead Industries.
SST is the leader in the field of industrial communication an connectivity offering innovative products and high quality level services.
SST products provides connectivity solutions for production process control and command associated to management systems and customer support (Boards, interfaces and gateways to industrial networks).

Woodhead Connectivity brands are applicom®, Brad Harrison®, mPm™, NetAlert™, RJ-Lnxx™ et SST™.

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Direct-Link™ products mean:
  • Low end products range
  • More affordable, well-equiped
  • Less skills required
  • Common networks supported

With Direct-Link™, Woodhead expands its range by proposing a wide selection of low level solutions for industrial communication. This new range includes a variety of products such as intelligent connectors, gateways, dedicated cards for fieldbuses and software solutions for industrial networks.

Direct-Link™ offers more than 20 protocols among a choice of networks: Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Siemens S7/MPI and Serial Links. Simple as they are affordable, Direct-Link™ products allow you to acquire the equipment to develop your architectures and industrial applications at a lower cost.

Direct-Link™ products are characterized by their simple use and fast implementation. The solutions are modular and scalable. Moreover, the products are designed to be easily embedded in computerized systems and are available in a wide selection of bus formats (PCI, PC/104 and software driver).

Direct-Link™ solution balance between having just enough performance, making the software components easy to use and achieving the price/performance ratio you expect. The functionality of Direct-Link™ products was designed on the basis of user recommendations to perfectly meet market requirements.

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