General Manager of Euro View Services SA

Mascia Antonio - 45, Chaussée du Château Mondron - B-6040 JUMET - BELGIUM
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Electricity - Automation - Supervision - Industrial Networking

Accepted since 2006

June 2005, Mr. Mascia is Industrial Automation Expert inside the Belgian Expert Association ABEX.


Since March 2005, Mr. Mascia Antonio, Manager of the Company is in the BEMAS Board of  Directors Wallonia .

  • Networking and process control
  • Automation / Supervision / Communication with management systems

  • Networks topology (performance optimisation)
  • Industrial processes, management, Intranet / Extranet
  • Procedures / Backup / global Management
  • Synchronized integration of all your data, …
  • Real time solutions, industrial networking and fieldbusses.

The research of innovative products or strategic niches is a constant preoccupation as well as

finding new export markets for our own products.

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