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On 15 september 2003 in Brussels, Euro View Services s.a, the industrial informatics service provider of Gilly, signed a partnership contract with Tractebel Engineering for the diffusion of the software Visual Maint TM.During the press conference, Marc Lepièce, Business Development Manager, put the stress on the partnerships of Tracteble Engineering: "We pay attention to the best answers to our industrial customer's needs, in particular for Process control and Maintenance. We will get the better results if we provide the widest range of products and services, in co existence with renowned specialists. That's why we promote high-level partnerships that guarantee products and services that really fit to the markets and let our customers a large freedom in their choices."

M.Lepièce, A.Mascia, C.Pierlot, C.Gomrée, J.Lebon

Antonio Mascia, Chief Executive Officer of Euro View Services s.a., reminded the positive businesses of his company for the last months in planification, organisation, productivity control with several french and belgian companies: "What gave comfidence to Tractebel Engineering in this partnership are the positive businesses lead with some other companies of the Group, such as Elyo and Axima. Thanks to this software, these companies can face the multisector demands of their clients in maintenance management."

Martin van Haute, maintenance manager for Fabricom, who took an active part in the selection and improvement of the fonctionalities of the software, said: "We were seeking for 3 years for a C.M.M.S.* that should be cheap, could be set up within a day and that we could consider as our product, that will say that we could recommand on trust to our customers. With Visual MaintTM it's now a dream come true "

*C.M.M.S. : Computerized Maintenance Management System

Some references of Visual Maint™ dans the Group Suez

- Water conditionning station in Montignies-Sur-Sambre (Charleroi) for Igretec
- Shopping Centre Ville2 inCharleroi

Elyo :
- Lightning Management of the city of Petite Forêt (Valenciennes)
- Tioxyde co-generation power station in Calais
- Omnisports hall Calypso inCalais
- INEO in Thiant (France)


Other references:
Intersud - Water conditionning station of Sud Hainaut (Belgium)
IBW - Water conditionning station of Brabant Wallon (Belgium)
Hospital Parée in Mons (Belgium)
CEMI - Centre d'Excellence à la Maintenance Industrielle (Belgium)
Technifutur in Liège (Belgium)
Compagnie Générale des Eaux (France)
SCLE inToulouse (France)
OTV Méditérannée (France)

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Manage your resources, teams and projects…


Version 4.04
  • Creation of a global maintenance plan allowing to a scheduler to schedule the preventive interventions on a long term : one time, n times, cyclic...

  • Realisation of " Real Time" links with fieldbusses (PLC) via the applicom® servers (status and meter of veillissement). Manual or automatic import (scheduler)

  • Completed data import for :stocks, suppliers, potential suppliers, actions, tools, security advises, pictures, resources,...

  • Equipment tree-view optimisation

  • Data added for the resources (address, tel, fax, e-mail, ...), with identification of 3 types (intern, user, subcontractor)

  • Completed Exel Export (export of memos)

News integrated in version 3.6 & 3.62a

Change of development version MS Visual Foxpro from 5.0 to 6.0 Improving the product's capabilities

Remark : It is MANDATORY to uninstall the previous versions and to save the database.

  • New information ergonomy through sheet tab text colour change on the existing link between different modules.
    For example when there is an attached document, a stock output, an action related to equipment, ...

  • JPG and GIF image file treatment (besides BMP and ICO)

  • Link with a list of documents (executables files) for :

    • Equipment
    • Actions
    • Operations
    • Interventions
    • Stocks
    • Suppliers

  • Finished management of independent stations (without menu)

    • Message system (secretary)
    • Field technician
    • Warehouseman (stocks and orders)

  • Version management and control making indispensable to update the data of the existing DB before working (cap. in the menu).

  • Stock output control :

    • Addition of a free reference field
    • Control of the output for repairings (returning foreseen date, supplier, alarm on overstepped date...)
    • Display of stock outputs on interventions and Orders.

  • Multi screen management for the positioning of the main window on the screen chosen by the user.

  • Addition of the 7 Days filter in all All-Month-Day filters.

  • New ODBC drivers Office 2000 compatible.
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May 2001 - applicom® v 3.4 et applicomIO® v2.1

March 2001 - applicom® v 3.3 and applicomIO® v1.2

New protocols
  • Modbus Plus from Schneider
    For PLCs : MODICON Quantum, SCHNEIDER Premium, others
  • FINS TCP/IP from Omron
  • PCCC TCP/IP from Rockwell Automation
  • MELSEC Q TCP/IP from Mitsubishi
  • Industrial Ethernet TI (ISO Layer 4) sur PCI 2000ETH
    For PLCs TI-505
Field Bus
  • Profibus DP master/slave simultaneously, InterBus-S
  • DeviceNet & Can Open (in June)
Protocols supported by Ethernet TCP/IP (Protocol lists & PLCs)
  • Cegelec : SRTP (Alspa C80-35 - Alspa C80-75)
  • GE Fanuc : SRTP (GE 90-30 - GE 90-70)
  • Mitsubishi : Melsec A (AnA, AnU, AnS) - Melsec Q (QnA, QnAS)
  • Omron : FINS (Sysmac C, Sysmac CV - CS1)
  • Rockwell Automation : PCCC (PLC-5 - SLC-500)
  • Schneider Electric : Uni-TE (TSX 57 Premium) - Modbus (TSX 57 Premium, Quantum, autres)
  • Siemens : Industrial Ethernet (S5 115, 135, 155 - S7-3xx, S7-4xx) - CAMP (TI-505)
With OPC, DDE, SuiteLink, ActiveX and DLL

New applicom® servers (for Windows NT4, 98 et 95)
  • PCI 2000MBP from March 2000
    • Bus PCI
    • 1 Modbus Plus
    • 1port Modbus Plus & 1 Port Modbus Plus redundant or serial Port , Intel 386 Processor

  • PCI 2000 Available from mid April 2000
    • Bus PCI
    • 2 serial port
    • Intel 386 Processorr
New applicomIO® servers
  • For SoftPLCs, SCADA, MES, ...
  • With : OPC, DDE, DLL/RTSS IO, Suite Link, ActiveX in June

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Tractebel Contract
Visual Maint

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